HSLC will no longer issue personalized Spay/Neuter Certificates.
Clients will make payment directly to the vet at the time of service.

Certificates issued before April 1, 2016 will still be processed under the old rules.

HSLC has partnered with local veterinarians to offer a discounted surgery fee for residents of Loudoun County to encourage and assist with spay and/or neuter of dogs, cats, and rabbits.


1. Download the spay/neuter certificate
2. Make an appointment with one of the participating vets: 
3. Take the certificate with you to the appointment to receive a discount for the anesthesia and surgery. **

You MUST have the certificate in hand at the time of surgery admission in order to receive the discount.

Please let the vet office know you have the certificate when scheduling your appointment.

4. Payment MUST be made in cash or an additional charge may be added.

 **THERE WILL BE OTHER COSTS ASSOCIATED like vaccines, pain medications or any blood or other laboratory tests that may be required or recommended by the participating veterinarian.  Please discuss fees and requirements when you make your appointment. Each veterinarian may determine their recommended procedures/fees.

This certificate may NOT be used in conjunction with any cosmetic surgery, including declawing.

Proof that animals are current on all vaccinations may be required by the veterinarian.

Additional Information:

1.    There will be other charges associated with the procedure. The spay/neuter charge is only one itemized charge on the invoice. Each veterinarian has their own policy and prices. Ask about these charges when you are deciding on the vet of your choice.

2.    Alert!! Purebred animals purchased from a store, breeder, etc. may not be accepted under this program with some of the vets. Please discuss this with your vet of choice before making the appointment. You may select another vet on the list to perform the surgery.

3.    In addition, you may apply for financial assistance to help you with payment of your invoice for the procedure.  (Click here to request financial assistance.)

4.    There are other options to assist with spay/neuter and we encourage you to research and pick the program that is best for you. Please check out Spay USA ( or Spay Today (


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Spay/Neuter Program

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